Total Tranquility (4 oz)

total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 1total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 2total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 3total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 4total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 5total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 6total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball
Product image 7total tranquility aromatherapy stress ball

Regular price $19.95

Feel the Stress Melt Away

With all the meetings, deadlines, politics, and performance reviews, we know the office environment can sometimes be stressful. So when you feel that tension building, it's time to grab your Total Tranquility Blend kneadpeace™.

Enjoy the aroma of lavender and rose blossoms touched by a hint of warm spices and deep, soft woodsy smells, all of which help you relax in the office.

  • Helps to reduce anxiety, tension, and stress. 
  • Easily absorbs stress, nervous energy, fidgeting, and anxiety. 
  • Keeps your hands limber and loose for heavy computer usage.
  • Great to use when thinking through difficult problems. 
  • Made with 100% pure essential oils. No synthetic chemicals here!
  • Contains all natural grains and fruit oils.
  • Non-tacky, firm, and smooth texture.
  • Includes all natural antioxidants and antimicrobials to keep your kneadpeace™ fresher than other aromatherapy stress balls.
  • Includes reusable, eco-friendly glass mason jar and burlap carrier bag.

Don't forget each kneadpeace™ is backed by our 30-Day Aroma Guarantee. If you don't like your kneadpeace™, tell us within 30 days, and we'll refund the cost of it. 

Bonus Items Included

1. kneadpeace™ Scoop. Use your kneadpeace™ scoop to pry out your kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough without having to use your fingers. Each 100% birchwood scoop is biodegradable and compostable.

2. Towelettes. Quickly and easily clean your hands without soap and water. Self-dries in seconds. Perfect for cleaning up after enjoying your kneadpeace™.

3. kneadpeace™ Workout. Each kneadpeace™ order includes a set of at least 5 exercises to help you strengthen and keep limber your hands for computer usage:

  1. Kneading Exercise
  2. Finger Ball Exercise
  3. Finger Pinch Exercise
  4. Grip Exercise
  5. Thumb Press Exercise

Disclaimer: Exercises are not intended as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice of a licensed physician. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your fingers, wrist, or hand, please consult your health care provider for guidance. 

Product Specifications 
  Container Type Heavy, Durable Mason Glass Jar
  Recyclable Yes
  Reusable Yes
  Height (with lid) 2.1 inches
  Width 2.75 inches
  Weight (w/o Jar)
4.0 ounces
  Weight (w/ Jar)
8.6 ounces
  Shelf Life Min. of 6 months with proper storage and regular, reasonable usage. 
Additional Product Details

Like most modeling dough, usage of kneadpeace™ may result in a light residue on your hands from the fruit oils we use. This residue can be easily washed away with soap and water or the free towelettes we'll give you. Do not use kneadpeace™ on porous or unfinished surfaces. Avoid getting kneadpeace™ on clothing. 

Statements regarding the benefits of essential oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. kneadpeace™ and our suggestions on how to use kneadpeace™ are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We use oils, such as coconut oil, olive oil, and a blend of essential oils, in our kneadpeace™. In some blends, we may use vegetable-based glycerin derived from palm oil. kneadpeace™ contains wheatConforms to ASTM-D-4236.

We aim to manufacture all kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough in a consistent manner. Due to the products being handcrafted, however, products may slightly differ in color, texture, and aroma.

kneadpeace™ is manufactured in a facility that uses a variety of essential oils. If you have sensitivity to any of the essential oils we use in any of our blends, please consult with your doctor before handling kneadpeace™.

Please keep kneadpeace™ out of reach of pets and children who are 5 years old or younger. If pregnant or lactating, please consult your healthcare practitioner before using kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough. 

If you have any additional questions about kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough, please contact us here.

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