Inspirational Kneading Mat

Inspirational Kneading Mat
Inspirational Kneading Mat
Inspirational Kneading Mat
Inspirational Kneading Mat
Product image 1Inspirational Kneading Mat
Product image 2Inspirational Kneading Mat
Product image 3Inspirational Kneading Mat
Product image 4Inspirational Kneading Mat

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Like most creative materials (paints, clays, crayons, chalk, etc.), when you enjoy them, you might get a little material on your hands and table during the fun. With kneadpeace™ you may also encounter the occasional residue from the all natural fruit oils and 100% pure essential oils. 

Don't worry, we have you covered with our kneading mats. This way, you can protect all surfaces when enjoying your kneadpeace™. 

With dimensions of 7.5" by 8", each kneading mat is designed with a non-stick surface and a non-slip rubber backing, making it the ideal protective mat for your workspace. These mats don't shift on surfaces, and they're super easy to clean.

These kneading pads are perfect for modeling your kneadpeace™ creations, smooshing your kneadpeace™, or completing your hand exercises. 

No kneadpeace™ collection is complete without one.

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