Why kneadpeace?

Created by NW Corporate Yoga, a Seattle-based corporate wellness company, kneadpeace™ reflects NWCY's commitment to helping employers improve the work environment for employees. With kneadpeace™, we guarantee you'll feel happier, more relaxed, and less stressed at work, or we'll refund your money
The best thing about kneadpeace™ is that you can use it wherever you work. Keep it at your desk, carry it in your backpack, store it in your locker, or keep at your counter. It's great to have on hand when you need peace at work.

Create + Relax

Connect with your inner child, and reduce stress and anxiety by creating animals, people, and more through therapeutic modeling.

Enjoy Aromatherapy

Indulge in our unimaginably delicious aromatherapy blends and improve your mood, clear your mind, improve focus, and reduce stress and anxiety.

Stay Limber + Reduce Risk

Use kneadpeace™ and our suggested hand exercises to keep your hands and fingers limber and strong.

Brighten Up Your Day

Colors are well-known for affecting mood and behavior. With kneadpeace™, you can brighten up your day with splashes of vibrant color.

Treat Yourself

Who doesn't like a present? Treat yourself by having a beautiful kneadpeace™ box delivered to you at your work or home.

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