Bonus Items Included

1. kneadpeace™ Scoop. Use your kneadpeace™ scoop to pry out your kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough without having to use your fingers. Each 100% birchwood scoop is biodegradable and compostable.

2. Towelettes. Quickly and easily clean your hands without soap and water. Self-dries in seconds. Perfect for cleaning up after enjoying your kneadpeace™.

3. kneadpeace™ Workout. Each kneadpeace™ order includes a set of at least 5 exercises to help you strengthen and keep limber your hands for computer usage:

  1. Kneading Exercise
  2. Finger Ball Exercise
  3. Finger Pinch Exercise
  4. Grip Exercise
  5. Thumb Press Exercise

Disclaimer: Exercises are not intended as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice of a licensed physician. If you are experiencing any pain or discomfort in your fingers, wrist, or hand, please consult your health care provider for guidance. 

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