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After working in the corporate sector and realizing the work environment needed more healthful activities for reducing stress and team building besides happy hours and staff meetings, Megan Kountz set out on a mission to help employers recreate the work environment by founding NW Corporate Yoga. 

Today, NW Corporate Yoga brings to you kneadpeace™, an aromatherapy stress ball handcrafted right here in the U.S. Through trial and error, we put together a recipe that's non-tacky, amazingly smooth and durable. Each aromatherapy blend goes through multiple team members to ensure each blend you're about to enjoy will be something that will surely make you smile. 

The aromatherapeutic blends we use are inspired by hikes through the Pacific Northwest, strolls through Florida citrus groves, picnics in meadows blanketed with wild flowers, and many other places we thought would be perfect for imagining at your desk. Our blends are all made with specific locations in mind. This way, when you're opening a fresh kneadpeace™ and drawing in the aroma, you can also imagine being there for at least few minutes during the day when you need a moment of peace.

Each kneadpeace™ represents the much-needed reset button during the workday, so go ahead and add recess back into your schedule with a kneadpeace™ break. You deserve it! 

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