How to Get the Labels Off Your kneadpeace™ Jar

Once you've had the kneadpeace™ experience, you may be encouraged to reuse the high-quality, heat-treated glass mason jar for holding paper clips, rubber bands, or even candy (that can be your secret).

Great! We totally commend you on reusing the jar. 

Before you can reuse, however, you'll probably want to remove the labels. This blog will tell you how to those labels from the kneadpeace™ jar. 

Our jars are made of metal and glass, which are both common surfaces that get labeled.

You can first try to remove the labels by peeling them off, but doing that method can often leave you with a sticky mess.

Here's how to deal with sticky label residue and labels on metal and glass:

Option 1

1. Fill up a portion of a sink, plastic tub, or large bowl with hot water. 

2. Add heavy-duty dish detergent to the hot water. 

3. Add more hot water to create a hot, soapy mixture. 

4. Carefully place the glass or metal with the label or sticky label residue in to the hot, soapy mixture. 

5. Allow the glass and metal to soak for a while. Depending on the strength of the adhesive, you may need to replace the water when it cools down.

6. Periodically check the labels to see if any of them are clearly being pulled off. 

7. Once you have removed the labels, check to see if there is any adhesive remaining on the surfaces. If there are, take a warm, soapy sponge (be sure it's non-abrasive) and gently rub away the remaining adhesive. 

8. Dry off the jar and its lid, and enjoy!

Option 2

If you're facing a stubborn label, you may want to step up your game with nail polish remover (acetone). Prior to using acetone, be sure you're in a well ventilated room, since the fumes can be strong. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, you may want to use protective gloves.

1. Apply an amount acetone to a cotton ball or paper towel. 

2. Saturate the label with acetone, and let it sit for a while. Acetone helps to dissolve the adhesive. 

3. After a few minutes of letting the label soak, attempt to peel it off. 

4. Use a sponge to remove any of the remaining residue on the surface.

5. Rinse off your jar and dry thoroughly. Enjoy!


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