How to Play a Game with Your kneadpeace™ Aromatherapy Dough

Along with its stress-relieving abilities, your kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough can provide teams with a great team building opportunity. This blog post will show you how to play the kneadpeace™ genesis game. 

Players needed

4 - 8 team members

Items needed

  • A Post-it® pad (the smaller the better) or scrap pieces of paper to tear
  • A pen/pencil for keeping score and writing down ideas
  • One (1) on more jars of kneadpeace™ aromatherapy dough
  • One (1) kneading mat
  • One (1) clean coffee mug or cup
  • Timer
  • A Table

Approximate Time:

10 – 30 minutes

kneadpeace game table

"Turn Time (sec)" is the number of seconds a player gets to create a kneadpeace creation.

"# of Minutes" is the number of minutes you have to play a game.

"# of Turns" is the estimated number of turns you have in the game. 

Good Times to Play

  • Before team meetings
  • During team breaks
  • When an ice breaker is needed


To correctly guess the most number of kneadpeace™ creations.

How to Play

Decide on the kneadpeace™ creations to be made

Using the table above, determine the number of turns you can fit within your time allotment. Divide that number by the number of people playing.

For example, if you only have 10 minutes to play, and you want to give everyone 30 seconds to create, you have about 20 turns. If you have 5 people playing, divide 20 by 5. The quotient (4) is the number of kneadpeace™ creation ideas each player has to come up with before the game can start.

To keep the game simple and enjoyable, kneadpeace™ creations should be common nouns instead of proper nouns (e.g., a baseball player v. Hank Aaron). Ideally, you would want to choose items that can be fairly easy to create with the kneadpeace™, such as animals, modes of transportations, or food.

Each player should write one kneadpeace™ creation on a single Post-it® or small piece of scrap paper, fold it, and place it in the coffee mug. Do enough entries to keep the game going for your time allotment. Using the example above, the players would each drop 4 folded Post-It® notes into the mug.

Obviously, suggested creations should be compliant office policies.  

Decide on who should go first

There are many ways to choose who goes first. Here are a few options to get you started:

  1. Paper, rock, scissors - tournament style
  2. Die (Dice) – owner of highest number rolled goes first
  3. Draw straws – short straw goes first
  4. Pick names from a mug
  5. Pick numbers from a mug

Once you’ve figured out your Player #1, you can then easily set the rest of the player lineup. After Player #1 takes the first go at creating, you can choose the next player by going clockwise or counter-clockwise from Player #1.

Start of Play

With the kneadpeace™ creations in the mug and Player #1 identified, the next step is to have Player #1 pull a creation from the mug to start the game. Players drawing from the mug should not show the drawn kneadpeace™ creation to anyone else until the end of each turn. 

Player #2, or the player on deck, is responsible for keeping time.

When the creating player and timekeeping player are both ready, the timekeeping player should verbally state the word “begin,” or something to that effect, to notify the creating player that clock has started. From there, the creating player must try to complete the kneadpeace™ creation within the time allotted for each turn. Using the example above, the creating player will have 30 seconds to create whatever name drawn from the mug. 


There are two ways to score points in the game. Once you choose one, you must keep that scoring method until the end of the game. 

Scoring Option #1

The first player to guess out loud the kneadpeace™ creation before the end of the creating player’s time collects the point. If two or more players guess the kneadpeace™ creation at the same time, the first person that says jinx gets the point. The jinxee (i.e., the loser of jinx) must then sit out during the next turn in which the jinxee could guess for a point. 

Scoring Option #2

During the creating player's turn, everyone jots down a guess on his/her own paper. When the creating player's time ends, the other players must stop writing and immediately show their answers. Everyone who correctly guesses the kneadpeace™ creation earns a single point. If no one guesses the kneadpeace™ creation, the creating player loses a point. 

End of Game

The game ends when all the kneadpeace™ creations have been pulled from the mug and created, or you run out of time, whichever occurs first. The player with the most points wins.


We want to hear from you! If you've tried this game or a modified version of this game, let us know in the comments below. How did it go?

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