kneadpeace™ relieves stress by redirecting your mental energy from stress to the wonderful sensation of the 100% pure essential oils, incredibly smooth feel, and vibrant color, leaving you to work free from the weight of stress on your shoulders.

Take it wherever you go

With mini kneadpeace™, keep it in your work locker, at the counter, on your desk, in your car, or work bag, so it's ready for you whenever you need a stress relief break.

Explore Your Creativity

Bring your inner child to work and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from therapeutic modeling. Feel the tension disappear while you create your favorite objects.

Made With Care for You

Unlike some stress balls, we don't use detergents, silicone, or plastic in our mix. Each kneadpeace™ contains 100% pure essential oils, an all natural antioxidant + antimicrobial mix, and all natural grains and fruit oils, giving you a stress ball that lasts longer and smells incredible.

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